Farmingham Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction in Massachusetts can have a serious impact on your life. There is a lot on the line: your reputation, career, life opportunities, and freedom may all be at stake. Anyone that is arrested should maintain their right to remain silent, and contact a qualified criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are facing criminal charges in Massachusetts, it is imperative that you have an experienced local criminal lawyer to mount a vigorous defense and protect your right to a fair trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney can analyze the facts of your case to identify all possible defenses, protect your substantive and procedural rights, negotiate with the prosecution, and present your defense in a legally persuasive way to the court at trial if necessary.

Criminal Lawyer Larry Desilets

Farmingham criminal lawyer Larry Desilets has practiced law in Massachusetts for over four decades. He is dedicated to using his vast experience to get each of his clients the best possible outcome. Whether he is negotiating a beneficial plea deal or arguing an affirmative defense, he always provides forceful and thorough representation to his clients. Larry handles both misdemeanor and felony crimes.

Vigorous Representation at Every Stage of a Prosecution

Every stage of a prosecution is important for a defendant. Larry understands how critical the early stages of a prosecution are. He believes each defendant deserves quality representation at their bail hearing so that they can spend time at home instead of in jail. An entire case can be won or lost during the process of discovery and through the filing of pretrial motions. A strong defense at the pretrial stage can pressure prosecutors to drop or reduce charges.

If a case does go to trial, Larry has the experience to persuasively make his client’s argument to a jury or judge. He knows the process of a criminal trial and has extensive experience with both jury and bench trials in Massachusetts courts.

Contact Criminal Lawyer Larry Desilets Today to Discuss Your Case

There is a lot at stake if you have been charged with a crime. You need qualified and experienced legal counsel. If you are facing criminal charges, contact Farmingham criminal defense lawyer Larry Desilets at (508) 788-8500 to schedule a consultation today.

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