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If you are contemplating a divorce, or already going through the divorce process, it is crucial that you understand the law and protect your interests. A qualified Massachusetts divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights, think about the issues clearly and objectively, and present your case to the opposing party and the court. By carefully examining the facts and negotiating effectively with the other side, Farmingham divorce attorney Larry Desilets helps his clients get the best possible outcome when it comes to divorce related legal issues.


Most divorces and issues related to divorce can be settled in a process known as mediation. In mediation, each party comes together to negotiate and compromise. A neutral third party mediator guides the discussion and helps to bring the parties together.

Mediation is a much cheaper and quicker process than litigating divorce in court. But, it is important for parties going through mediation to be represented by a qualified divorce attorney to ensure that they can work out a fair deal. Farmingham divorce lawyer Larry Desilets is qualified to represent clients in mediation.

Unlike a trial in court, mediations are fully in control of the parties themselves. There are no procedural or technical rules that need to be followed. The parties simply come together and, with the help of the mediator, work out compromises on issues like child custody, alimony, and property division. It is important to remember that in mediation, there are no winners or losers. Mediations are all about compromise.


Most divorces and issues related to divorce can be resolved through negotiation or mediation without the parties needing to go to court. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are issues that can’t be compromised on. In the event that an issue needs to be litigated in court, Farmingham divorce attorney Larry Desilets will vigorously represent your interests. He is dedicated to winning every case he takes to trial.

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Going through a divorce is a difficult, emotional, and stressful experience. Farmingham divorce lawyer Larry Desilets understands this, and is dedicated to delivering thorough and compassionate service to each of his divorce clients. If you are going through a divorce, contact lawyer Larry Desilets at (508) 788-8500 to schedule a consultation today.

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