Framingham Child Custody Lawyer

One of the most painful aspects of divorce involves splitting families up, with children often unable to divide their time equally between parents. However, with the right custody lawyer on your side, you can achieve a resolution that benefits both you and your children.

How Is Child Custody Determined in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, as in many states, courts believe that it is typically in a child’s best interest to enjoy strong relationships with both parents. However, joint physical custody is not the norm — most children spend more time with one parent than the other. Both, however, typically enjoy some say in important decisions such as the child’s education or health care.

Many parents work together to determine custody arrangements through mediation, but when parents are unable to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement, the decision may fall to the court. In such situations, a variety of factors may be considered, including where each parent lives, where the child prefers to live, and whether either parent has a history of criminal conduct, drug abuse, or other issues that could impede him or her from successfully raising children.

How Attorney Larry Desilets Can Help

Larry Desilets offers a personalized-approach to law. He understands that a legal approach that works well for one client may prove disastrous for the next. His clients greatly appreciate his attention to detail.

If you and your former spouse largely agree on custody arrangements, Larry Desilets can help you obtain the resolution you desire via mediation. The two of you can move forward as coparents and enjoy an amicable relationship. If litigation proves necessary, you can count on Larry Desilets for aggressive representation. He will fight not only for your best interests, but also the best interests of your children.

The need for a custody modification may arise years after obtaining an initial resolution. Modifications often occur when children express a preference for living with the other parent, although other factors may also necessitate changes in custody arrangements. No matter the reason for the modification, Larry Desilets can provide the patient guidance you require.

Child custody is often the most contentious aspect of the divorce process. In the midst of such difficulty, it is important to have a trustworthy family lawyer on your side. Look to Framingham child custody lawyer Larry Desilets for high-quality support.

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